Three Trophies in Three Weeks
Monday 18th January, 2016

Three Trophies in Three Weeks

By Mark Valentine

With not even one month of 2016 in the books, here at MainEventTravel we have been busy, not only adding to our hotel offers, but also offering some players who have booked with us the opportunity to join our lead Brand Ambassador, Simon Deadman, in proudly wearing the patch. It would seem that wearing the MET has been a great recipe for success so far, with some great results both home and away!


Clearly the winter sun helped bring home some fantastic results from our Ambassadors and Friends, with the fist success of the year going to Guy Taylor (picture above) winning not one, but two trophies at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure at Atlantis Island in the Bahamas. Not wanting to be out done by Guy, three of our other players, Simon Deanman, Shola Akindele-Deadman and Fraser MacIntyre put down their cocktails and made deep runs, making sure they were also proudly displaying new flags on the Hendon Mob Profile!

Genting Poker Series - Luton

Dave Lloyd Luton

Closer to home, the Genting Poker Series 2016 got underway in Luton. Many friends and customers of MainEventTravel got involved in this one, but the spoils went to another of our Ambassdors with David Lloyd picking up the trophy and the applause as the last cards were dealt from the deck.

With another title under his belt, Dave has really had a great start to 2016, and we are sure there is more to come as the year progresses.

GPS Luton Final Table Results

1st - £12,075 - Dave Lloyd*

2nd - £15,000 - Ed Overall*

3rd -  £12,800 - Gary Wilson*

4th -  £5,020 - Sunny Mistri

5th -  £3,770 - Kelly Saxby

6th -  £3,100 - Sami Ozone

7th -  £2,435 - Matas Smilgius

8th -  £1,775 - Tom Dickerson

9th -  £1,325 - Mark McCluskey

*Denotes three handed deal

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