Tuesday 19th January, 2016

Dear Deadman - Part 1

By Mark Valentine

To launch our ‘Dear Deadman’ series, we have selected some hands that our customers have asked for strategy advice on. 

Simon Deadman, our Brand Ambassador and Poker Professional, has picked some of the more interesting hands submitted, and has put his thinking behind some suggestions on how to play them.                                                             

We will be publishing a new hand every month, so please feel free to submit a hand that you would like to have analysed.


Mr G from Glasgow got in touch with us last about a hand from a higher buy in monthly competition series that takes place in a casino he visits regularly.

“The tournament has 30min levels average stack is around 14.5k, my image should be tight as I have played few hands and showed QQ earlier on my only 4bet when a short stack came over the top.

With 13k behind at blinds 200-400 I am in the cut off with AK off. A woman who has been very inactive looks like she's going to raise then limps UTG+2 leaving her about 9k+ behind, the big stack at the table who likes to play a ton of hands limps after her, so with about 1650 in the pot including the antes I bet 3k (about 25% of my stack). It is folded around to the lady who snap shoves all in. I tank for a minute and think even a flip might be optimistic here...pretty sure with 25% of my stack invested, I can fold here? Do you think that is the correct play?”

Hi Mr G, for me AK is too strong to fold here. I agree the lady does appear to have a strong range but with her starting the hand with 23bbs and with you having 3k invested already I think you have to call the extra 6k. You still have 10bbs left to spin up if you lose this hand and you can always crack Kings anyway ;-)"


So there you have it! Simons feels that this is not a spot to fold, but a great opportunity to build up a larger stack, plus you still have chips to re-build your stack if you lose.

Please feel free to share and comment, and don’t forget to send us one of your hands for our next months ‘Dear Deadman’ article via Twitter or Facebook.



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