Cash Game Festival Malta huge success; next stop Bulgaria
Wednesday 21st June, 2017

Cash Game Festival Malta huge success; next stop Bulgaria

By Mad Harper

White lions, a rooftop pool party and a catamaran trip were just some of the highlights of Cash Game Festival Malta – as well as a ton of poker.


More sun is on offer at the next Cash Game Festival stop in Bulgaria from August 9-13. MainEventTravel is the Official Travel Partner for the 2017 Cash Game Festival Bulgaria in Sunny Beach, with lots of hotels and lovely apartments available close to the Platinum Casino venue.


The 2017 Cash Game Festival Malta event was a huge success with players from all over Europe heading to Casino Malta for five days of nonstop cash game action from June 14-18.

Finland's Petteri Vanhapelto and France's Tristan Chevalier both won two televised feature tables and many off-the-felt activities were deemed the best ever. They included a VIP dinner at a private home where huge enclosures showcased white lions, baby tigers, cougars, parrots and other exotic animals. There was also a fantastic catamaran trip as well as a VIP rooftop Pool Party on the top floor of the Intercontinental Hotel.


What makes Cash Game Festival different from any other poker festival is that players don’t have to miss anything fun just because they’re stuck in a tournament; it’s easy to take a break but still get back to the tables after the activity is over. The Festivals offer 24/7 cash games throughout five-day live events with live online broadcasts straight from the feature tables which can be viewed on Twitch. All the festivals are spiced up with fine dining, fierce partying and several other activities introducing local sights and culture.


Next up for Cash Game Festival is a trip to Sunny Beach Bulgaria, with the 2017 Cash Game Festival Bulgaria taking place at Platinum Casino from August 9-13. To book accommodation, click here.

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