Battle of Malta 2022 Battle of Malta 2022 (April) Live Reporting - Day 4
Current Level 38 Current Day 4
Blinds 400,000/800,000 Ante 800,000
Entries 2,592 Remaining 1
Prize Pool (EUR) €1,244,160 First Prize (EUR) €200,340
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Live Updates - Day 2
Grisiglione Chipleader at Battle of Malta Day 2 Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 03:31(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

The Battle of Malta Main Event saw an action-packed Day 2 at the InterContinental Conference Center and the Casino Malta by Olympic Casino with 389 players starting the day. The start of the day was delayed for 60 minutes, when starting day 1E had a really long bubble, and so correctly the organization decided to wait so long that all players could be seated at the same time. 

The tournament collected 2,592 entries, which means that we have a prize pool of €1,244,160. This is the third biggest prize pool when we talk about BOM tournaments held in a live format. Only 2018 and 2019 BOM tournaments collected bigger purses. 

Today Casino Malta also informed us that the next Battle of Malta is going to be here in October. It is easy to predict, that this week's numbers will be smashed then. 

The field was trimmed down to just 65 hopefuls, each having secured 2,120 earings of this tournament. 

After today's fierce action, Diego Grisiglione (pictured above) is in the best spot after Day 2 after bagging a monstrous stack of 3,095,000 in chips. Grisiglione was in great shape all day, collecting steadily more chips. 

Other player in top-4 are Marco Cosic(3,000,000) from Serbia, local boys Federico Petruzelli (2,545,000) and Cory Desmond (2,495,000).

The best-known player in the field is Steven van Zadelhoff (1,100,000). This dutch tournament pro has collected $2,479,525 in live earnings and his best finish in BOM is the second place in 2019, when he collected €217,167. 

The tournament continues tomorrow at 13:00, and we play down to the final table. The final is played on Tuesday.  

Chips are bagged Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 02:57(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

The last hands of the day are finished and chips are in bags.

Diego Grisiglione is our chip leader, he bagged 3,095,000.

65 players return tomorrow, the play starts at 13:00.

End of Day After Last Three Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 02:43(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

We play the last three hands, and we start to bag the chips.

That is a really good thing, especially, for those who started the day from Day 1E at 10:00 am.

Catalfamo Eliminated Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 02:41(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Giovanni Catalfamo moved all in from cutoff, Marco Cosic called. The board Tdid not help Catalfamo and he was eliminated.

Player Chips Progress
Marco Cosic 900,000 339,500
Giovanni Catafamo 0 0
Interesting Tie Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 02:28(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Massimo De Georgi and Steven van Zadelhoff went all-in preflop. The board provided some happiness to both, straight at the board guaranteed a split pot.

Sometimes You Dont Get There Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 02:16(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

On turn board was Tom Laghzaoui moved all in 390,000. Peep Kivistik had a bit more chips, but surely the decision was tough. After consideration Peep decided to call with his Tom showed River was and Tom was eliminated.

Biggest Stacks Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 02:01(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Here are the biggest stacks at the break.

Player Chips Progress
Diego Grisiglione 2,750,000 2,660,000
Yossef Cohen 2,250,000 2,034,500
Eros Nastasi 1,950,000 1,925,000
Giovanni Catafamo 1,870,000 1,743,000
Michael Koran 1,500,000 1,171,500
Samuel Biland 1,380,000 1,074,000
Michele Biggi 1,850,000 800,000
Josef Gulas 1,450,000 760,000
Roberto Pinna 1,700,000 600,000
Noam Garama 2,080 887,920
Little Break Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 01:54(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Players are having a short break. After the break, we still play one level, bb ante 25,000, blinds 10,000/25,000.

Aces do not Always Win Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 01:51(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Kyriakos Papadopuolos and Vincenzo Maffei moved all in preflop. The board was favorable to Maffei and Papadopoulos was eliminated from the tournament.

Player Chips Progress
Vincenzo Maffei 1,100,000 737,000
Kyriakos Papadopoulos 0 0
Leaders of the Pack Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 01:31(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

A quick survey showed that these two players have a decent stack.

Diego Grisiglione 2,600,000

Giovanni Catalfamo 1,700,000

Bluff or Nuts? Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 01:16(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

The board at the river was   Mancinelli went all-in 390,000 and Giuseppe Rosa started the thinking process. There were a couple of things to think about; how much there was in the pot (about 300,000) and how much Rosa had behind (about 420,000). So this was not an easy process, and finally, the clock was called. The clock ran out and Rosa's hand was dead.

Mancinelli won the hand and decided to show his cards all players in the table understood that Rosa had folded a winning hand.

All in or Fold? Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 00:54(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Vincenzo Pellegrino and Levi Bat El saw flop Vincenzo bet 75,000 Levi called. Turn brought Vincenzo bet 100,000, Levi thought a while and moved all-in 400,000. Now it was up to Vincenzo, who decided to fold his hand.

Player Chips Progress
Bat El Levi 650,000 592,500
Vincenzo Pellegrino 310,000 99,500
99 Luftballoons Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 00:49(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

We have reached 99 players watermark. Players has been busting out a bit quicker than we expected. Now we have 110 minutes still to play, so it looks that tomorrow morning we have about 60 players left.

Kings bring Cassibba Double Up Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 00:33(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

At the river board was Emanuele Cassibba went all in, and Andrea Radicchi called.

Cassibba showed and Radicchi folded quickly.

Player Chips Progress
Emanuele Cassibba 850,000 711,500
Andrea Radicchi 180,000 226,000
Pellerin Eliminated Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 00:08(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Nathan Pellerin went all-in preflop, Keimo Suominen and Kyriakos Papadopuolos called.

Board ran at river Suominen bet 130,000, Papadopuolos folded. Suominen showed and Pellerin's good not match to this challenge.

Biggest Stacks Posted Monday 25th April, 2022 at 00:03(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

We found 12 stacks over 1,000,000 watermark.

Player Chips Progress
Cory Desmond 1,700,000 1,399,500
Noah Bener Ganama 1,400,000 1,375,000
Federico Petruzzelli 1,800,000 1,110,000
Dylan Cechowski 1,050,000 1,025,000
Michele Biggi 1,050,000 949,500
Sami Mitwali 1,260,000 889,500
Federico Luciano 1,080,000 876,000
Stefano Titola 1,150,000 848,500
Michel Glansberg 1,700,000 810,000
Steven Van Zadelhoff 1,000,000 700,000
Roberto Pinna 1,100,000 639,500
Flaviano Cammisuli 1,300,000 260,000
Small Break Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 23:37(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

After level 20 we have a 15 minutes break in the tournament.

Three Millionaires at Table 16 Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 23:21(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

In table 16 we have already three millionaires:

Steven van Zadelhoff 1,300,000

Federico Petruzelli 1,400,000

Noah Bener Ganama 1,400,000

You Have to Win the Flips Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 23:07(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Christian Pedersen with and Eracleous Marios with went all in preflop. The board did not help Eracleous and Christian doubled up.

Player Chips Progress
Christian Pedersen 370,000 210,000
Marios Eracleous 500,000 340,000
No Mercy to Jokiniemi Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 22:45(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

"First I lost a flip with to and fell to a short stack. I lost the rest of my stack, when I moved all-in with and my opponent woke up from the blind with ", reported Jarno Jokiniemi.

Player Chips Progress
Jarno Jokiniemi 0 0
Party Time! Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 22:32(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Players Party is going on right now at the Roof Garden of Inter-Continental. We missed Patrisha's gig, but still, the feeling was good. People were dancing and drinking, having fun, as should be in good party.

Break is Over, Lets Play Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 21:58(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Players are back at tables after the dinner break.

Now the tempo of play is slowing a bit when plenty of short stacks have been busted.

The game plan is simple, we play to the end of level 23, and then bag the chips. We should be ready approx. 3:30 am.

Big Stacks at Dinner Break Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 20:37(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer
Player Chips Progress
Michel Glansberg 890,000 865,000
Jakov Vinter 850,000 825,000
Bartosz Mielczarek 1,050,000 796,500
Koen Meutstege 750,000 504,500
Federico Petruzzelli 690,000 369,000
Stefano Stefanacci 560,000 363,000
Jacob Alfi 590,000 308,500
Noam Garama 890,000 235,500
Josef Gulas 690,000 230,000
Angelo Tarallo 600,000 211,500
Thomas Hoelmer 820,000 195,000
Flaviano Cammisuli 1,040,000 194,000
Giuseppe Comitini 700,000 179,500
Marios Eracleous 840,000 138,500
Raoul Van Wersch 860,000 116,000
Manish Rawal 0 0
Karl Drakenberg 0 0
Oren Itzhak 0 0
Konrad Abelt 0 0
Dinner Break Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 20:17(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

The remaining Day 2 players are on a 75-minute dinner break.

The timing couldn't be better with the players part also in full force.

Players Still Busting Fast Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 20:16(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer
Player Chips Progress
Eugene Ulanov 0 0
Andres Loiv 0 0
Jonathan Pastore 0 0
Phiniotis Georgios 0 0
Martin Klaar 0 0
Azzouz Kais 0 0
Andrea Liuzzo 0 0
Daniel Hide 0 0
Michael London 0 0
Benjamin Hammann 0 0
Giovanni Gaiulli 0 0
Davide Calvarese 0 0
Koppany Balogh 0 0
Sascha Manns 0 0
Haim Hazan 0 0
Niall Mulholland 0 0
Giuseppe Gallo 0 0
Emilio Forno 0 0
Michel Erwann 0 0
Israel Cohen 0 0
Domenico Gala 0 0
Cristian-Florin Vornicu 0 0
Phenporn Laatikainen 0 0
Dario Barone 0 0
Costel Tarciuc 0 0
David Lappin 0 0
Gennaro De Ilario 0 0
Damien Gayer 0 0
Jakob Simonsen 0 0
Guy Harel 0 0
Top Pair No Good For Farber Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 20:02(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Jonathan Therme and Konstantin Farber moved all in after the flop Konstantin had but he was in bad shape against Jonathan's Turn and river did not change the situation, so Jonathan doubled up.

Player Chips Progress
Farber Konstantin 450,000 330,000
Jonathan Therme 350,000 96,500
More Eliminations Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 19:58(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer
Player Chips Progress
Ulf Andersson 0 0
Ioannis Oikonomidis 0 0
Joonas Holm 0 0
Jean Lhuillier 0 0
Andreas Popa-Alexandru 0 0
Uri Gilboa 0 0
Dario Vinci 0 0
Brian Calleja 0 0
Alessandro Longobardi 0 0
Karl Birgersson 0 0
Giuseppe Segreto 0 0
Paul Jux-Holderness 0 0
Salvatore Cali 0 0
Mattia Festa 0 0
Diego Scillieri 0 0
Tsvi Cohen 0 0
Robert Lim 0 0
Haris Durmic 0 0
Danilo Zaccagnini 0 0
Lawrence Stone 0 0
Erik Lindqwist 0 0
Ram Wechselfish 0 0
Andrea Tacconi 0 0
Daniele Melfi 0 0
Salvatore Capra 0 0
Polys Christou 0 0
Dario Dimaggio 0 0
Dorian Hem 0 0
Iraklis Manikaros 0 0
Mikael Grovnik 0 0
Daniel Alacantra 0 0
Gesualdo Scalzo 0 0
Sebastian Mortensen 0 0
Peter Kovacs 0 0
Asgrimur Groendal 0 0
Ian Tabone 0 0
Henrik Christensen 0 0
Cristiano Blanco 0 0
Blanco Cristiano 0 0
Constantinos Miaris 0 0
Vasileios Kollias 0 0
Cechowski Gets Dimitros to Fold an Overpair Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 19:38(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

In a hand that easily took more than 10 minutes to play out began when Dimitrios Dimitros opened for 17,500 from early position. A couple of minutes later, Dylan Cechowski three-bet to 42,000. Dimitros called and checked the flop.

About two minutes later, Cechowski bet 28,000. Dimitros also took his time before he raised to 70,000. Cechowski asked for a count and a couple of minutes later called.

The action slowed even further on the turn. Dimitros checked and Cechowski went into the tank. A couple of minutes later he jammed and Dimitros asked for a chip count. A couple of minutes later, it was determined the jam was for 144,000. Cechowski thought things over for quite some time before he open-folded . The table complimented Dimitros' play after he showed to chip up his stack.

Player Chips Progress
Dylan Cechowski 380,000 355,000
Dimitrios Dimitros 135,000 59,000
Dinner Break Soon Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 19:33(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

The start of tournament was delayed about 60 minutes. Therefore tournament director decided to move the dinner break a bit earlier. So we have dinner break in 40 minutes, after level 18.

Start of Level 18
Blinds: 4,000/8,000     Ante: 8,000
Latest Bustouts Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 19:15(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer
Player Chips Progress
Ohad Kupperberg 0 0
Luigi Galati 0 0
Ofek Benhamo 0 0
Game Steven John 0 0
Steven Game 0 0
Giorgio Cumino 0 0
Clement Kerrien 0 0
Yuri Diunich 0 0
Giuseppe Carbone 0 0
Eyal Pearl 0 0
Elhanan Cohen 0 0
Vincenzo Bortone 0 0
Jason Shellum 0 0
Susan Williamson 0 0
Matteo Giovagnoni 0 0
Exandre Peschel 0 0
Tons of Bustouts Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 19:08(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Players have been dropping at a fast and furious pace. Here is a look at some of the other recent eliminations.

Player Chips Progress
Angelo Morrone 0 0
Lars Larsson 0 0
Frank Bastow 0 0
Ben Meir 0 0
Paolo La Barbera 0 0
Stewart Kirby 0 0
Salvatore Anastasio 0 0
Wester Ebbinghaus 0 0
Avraham Sisso 0 0
Asaf Tai 0 0
Markus Larsson 0 0
Kevin Malone 0 0
Michael Funk 0 0
Marek Janiszewski 0 0
Yativ Nir 0 0
Erik Nicotra 0 0
Matthew Adams 0 0
Cognata La Francesco 0 0
Torrisi Illuminato 0 0
Nevoh Yemini 0 0
Camel Yemini 0 0
Roberto Rufini 0 0
Silvio Foggetti 0 0
Leppalahti Did Not Win a 3-way flip Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 19:04(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

"I managed to double up once, but then a 3-way flip did not go my way. I had and opponents had and the board bricked"; reported Teemu.

Player Chips Progress
Teemu Leppalahti 0 0
Kings Were Not Good for Emmi Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 18:51(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Emmi Juutilainen moved all-in  and her opponent called with the board did not run to Emmi's favor.

Player Chips Progress
Emmi Juutilainen 0 0
Deuces Never Loses Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 18:51(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Kerryjane Craigie shared that deuces are her favorite hand. Now we know why.

A player opened for 15,000 and another player called before Kerryjane Craigie three-bet shoved her 30,000 chip short stack. The opening player jammed and got a call for a three-way pot.

Kerryjane Craigie:

Opponent 1:

Opponent 2:

Dueces never loses applied on the turn with Craigie improving to a set of deuces to win the hand after the ran out on the board. The player with the cowboys won the side pot while the player with the nines was off to the rail.

Player Chips Progress
Kerryjane Craigie 140,000 85,000
Jarnstrom Did Not Win the Flip Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 18:48(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

We found Nico Jarnstrom from the rail. "I had 18 big blinds and I decided to gamble against the biggest stack in the table with my he called me with and the board bricked", reported Nico.

Player Chips Progress
Nico Jaernstroem 0 0
Nunzio Did Not Like To See Queens Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 18:43(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Nunzio Iandolo with and  Angelo Tarallo moved all in preflop. The board did not help Nunzio, who moved to the quite long cash-out queue.

Player Chips Progress
Nunzio Iandolo 0 0
Grind On for van Zadelhoff Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 18:42(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

2019 Battle of Malta Main Event runner-up Steven van Zadelhoff may have to put his usual Sunday online grind on hold as his stack is nearly triple what he started with and is up to 300,000 in chips.

He shared with the media before the start of the day that he would be more than satisfied with another runner-up performance in the Battle of Malta Main Event this year.

Player Chips Progress
Steven Van Zadelhoff 300,000 193,500
Early Day 2 Eliminations Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 18:39(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer
Player Chips Progress
Mark Vella 0 0
Gabriella Carollo 0 0
Stavros Passias 0 0
Tommy Lievens 0 0
Julien Stropoli 0 0
Boris Zismanov 0 0
Keren Chen 0 0
Ettore Esposito 0 0
Gennaro De Cosimo 0 0
Clement Bonnant 0 0
Mathis Bouledin 0 0
Nico Jaernstroem 0 0
Gianluca Mr 0 0
Jordan Dumas 0 0
Jamie Nixon 0 0
Britt Petersen 0 0
Bjorn Vuilliomenet 0 0
Ann-Roos Found Aces Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 18:28(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

"That was quick. I had 58,000 and moved in with but my opponent woke up with which was way too much for me" reported Ann-Roos Callens.

Note: there was a typo in Ann-Roos starting stack, she had 58,000, not 585,000.

Payouts Announced - €200,340 Top Prize Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 18:24(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer
Place Prize
1 €200,340
2 €140,000
3 €100,000
4 €72,000
5 €54,120
6 €41,680
7 €29,240
8 €18,040
9 €10,580
10-12 €7,780
13-15 €6,220
16-18 €4,670
19-27 €3,730
28-36 €3,110
37-45 €2,670
46-54 €2,360
55-63 €2,240
64-72 €2,120
73-81 €1,990
82-90 €1,930
91-99 €1,870
100-108 €1,800
109-117 €1,740
118-126 €1,680
127-135 €1,620
136-144 €1,560
145-153 €1,490
154-162 €1,430
163-171 €1,370
172-180 €1,310
181-198 €1,240
199-216 €1,180
217-234 €1,120
235-252 €1,060
253-270 €1,000
271-288 €930
289-306 €870
307-324 €820
325-342 €800
343-360 €770
361-389 €750
Start of Level 17
Blinds: 3,000/6,000     Ante: 6,000
Final Day 1e Chip Counts Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 17:57(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

The turbo-charged Day 1e ended a bit late, hence the delayed start of Day 2. Here is a look at the final chip counts from that field.

The total field was 2,592 entries for a €1,244,160 prize pool including online entries. A total of 389 players advanced to Day 2 with Tuesday's winner slated to receive a €201,500 top prize.

Name Chip Count
Flaviano Cammisuli 846,000
Anthony Gardner 340,000
Samuel Biland 306,000
Nevoh Yemini 290,000
Ben Aluf 261,000
Gregory Telman 254,000
Azzouz Kais 233,500
Mario Ripepi 233,000
Giovanni Gaiulli 229,500
Aharon Piamenta 205,000
Costel Tarciuc 202,000
Idan Levy 193,500
Giovanni Anello 192,500
Elhanan Cohen 168,500
Ehud Agnon 167,500
Joseph Grech 148,500
Vincenzo Bortone 112,000
Polys Christou 108,000
Davide Calvarese 101,000
Netanel Dayan 96,500
Guy Harel 93,500
Alessandro Longobardi 92,000
Giovanni Nava 82,000
Yativ Nir 81,000
Mohamed Bouzgarrou 80,000
Giuseppe Segreto 69,500
Daniel Henriques 67,500
Susan Williamson 63,500
Alexandros Dranovitsas 58,000
Henrik Christensen 54,000
Eyal Pearl 48,500
Gennaro De Cosimo 40,000
Karl Drakenberg 25,000
Roni Ezra 25,000
Maor Mesika 25,000
Gaspare Nastasi 25,000
Asaf Sarusi 25,000
Frank Bastow 25,000
Salvatore Calvagno 25,000
Claudio Campochiaro 25,000
Dio Di Salvatore 25,000
Dario Dimaggio 25,000
Feliciano Gentile 25,000
Michel Glansberg 25,000
Dorian Hem 25,000
Jakov Vinter 25,000
Jean Lhuillier 25,000
Sharon Mashal 25,000
Liam Melis 25,000
Eros Nastasi 25,000
Jamie Nixon 25,000
Todor Petkov 25,000
Stephane Roux 25,000
Britt Petersen 23,500
Kalle Kesaelae 21,500
Kevin Houghton 8,000
Day 2 Starts at 17:45 Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 17:37(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

We finally found the bubble boy of day 1e. Now we need maybe 15 minutes' time to arrange everything. So the starting time for Day 2 is 17:45.

Day 2 starting soon Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 17:11(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Good Afternoon! 

Welcome to follow Battle Malta Main Event Day 2. The reason for the late starting time is simple; we have to wait until Day 1E is finished, which should be happening in any moment. 394 players took part to 1E, so that brings us 59 more players to follow. 

Day 2 starts with 384 players. This number is not 100% sure, we wait for confirmation from staff, but close we are. 

All players who play in Day 2, are guaranteed a min-cash.

The total prize pool of the Battle of Malta Main Event is this time €1,244,160. Right now we do not know how much the winner of Battle of Malta 2022 is going to collect. The exact prize pool will be ready later today. 

This prize pool is the third biggest in the history of the Battle of Malta, when we speak about live BOM events. 2018 prizepool was €1,850,760 and the biggest prize pool was 2019, when it was €2,258,645. Now it is easy to say that these numbers will be growing, the next Battle of Malta is going to be in October. 

Today the action starts at level 16 (ante 5000, blinds 2500/5000), and we are going to play to the end of level 23 (ante 25000, blinds 10000/25000). 

All levels are 60 minutes, and we are going to have a dinner break after level 19. Otherwise, we play 2 levels and have a 15 minutes break after. 

It takes a while to arrange players from Day 1E, so the start will be a bit delayed. We hope, that we can start in 20 minutes. 

Stay tuned!

Final Day 1d Chip Counts Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 16:28(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer
Player Chips
Noam Garama 654,500
Liron Pinkhas 442,000
Andrea Radicchi 406,000
Mario Masson 352,000
Dmitri Dudakov 339,000
Yaron Amsalem 328,000
Demos Demosthenous 328,000
Miirco Zaccagna 230,000
Antoine Stackowiak 199,500
Stavros Kapitsintis 196,500
Vladimir Shraiberg 180,000
Marco Fenaroli 156,500
Ulysse Harry 148,500
Shaun Decesare 137,500
Francisc Voidoc 133,000
Uri Gilboa 127,500
Kfir Zohar 127,000
Sami Pullainen 125,500
Oren Itzhak 109,000
Sascha Manns 104,500
Nunzio Iandolo 101,500
Gianluca Fichera 99,000
Yuri Diunich 96,500
Francesco Bonfiglio 79,500
Camel Yemini 73,000
Haris Dumic 58,000
Bat El Levi 57,500
Exandre Peschel 57,500
Kerryjane Craigie 55,000
Federico Foschi 39,000
Mikael Grovnik 35,000
Grigoris Kyriazi 30,000
Stavros Passias 27,000
Day 2 of Battle of Malta 2022 Started
Level: 16     Blinds: 2,500/5,000     Ante: 5,000
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