Battle of Malta 2022 Battle of Malta 2022 (April) Live Reporting - Day 4
Current Level 38 Current Day 4
Blinds 400,000/800,000 Ante 800,000
Entries 2,592 Remaining 1
Prize Pool (EUR) €1,244,160 First Prize (EUR) €200,340
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Live Updates - Day 1C
Day 1C of Battle of Malta 2022 Ended
Level: 14     Blinds: 1,500/3,000     Ante: 3,000
Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 03:31(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

The Battle of Malta so far couldn't have gone any better with not only huge numbers but players enjoying themselves throughout a festive Saturday.

The €500,000 guaranteed Main Event has been a smashing success thus far with the guarantee already more than doubled with a €1,062,720 prize pool and counting with one more flight to go. The first four opening flights attracted 2,171 entries plus a handful that advanced to Day 2 with via online opening flights.

Day 1c attracted 926 entries with 141 players scheduled to advance to Day 2 with at least a min-cash unless multiple players hit the rail on the bubble. However, a huge pot took place between three players at the same table with Francesco Cuoccio holding fours, Marco Bartolini holding big slick, and Napoletano Aniello holding king-queen suited. The fours spiked a set and Cuoccio had both his opponenets covered to send both Bartolini and Aniello to the rail empty-handed.

Marios Eracleous bagged the Day 1c chip lead with 701,500 in chips placing him just behind Day 1a chip leader Raoul Van Wersch, who managed to advance with a little bit more with 744,000 in chips. Eracleous won a huge flip with about an hour left in play when his big slick spiked an ace on the river to beat the nines held by Grzegorz Kordek.

Also bagging top five chip stacks were Carmelo Salafia (645,000), Keimo Suominen (595,500), women's poker advocate Ann-Roos Callens (585,000), and Giuseppe Comitini (520,500).

Day 1c Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Chips
1 Marios Eracleous 701,500
2 Carmelo Salafia 645,000
3 Keimo Suominen 595,500
4 Ann-Roos Callens 585,000
5 Giuseppe Comitini 520,500
6 Elhanan Torgeman 481,000
7 Kyriakos Papadopoulos 473,000
8 Roberto Pinna 460,500
9 Eden Azulay 442,000
10 Jeremy Sereau 436,000

The Main Event action will continue with the final opening flight in the turbo Day 1e on Sunday at 10 a.m. Our coverage will begin later with the start of Day 2 scheduled at 5 p.m. 

Stay tuned to see who will advance to Day 3 and beyond at the 2022 Battle of Malta Main Event.

Final Day 1c Chip Counts Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 03:16(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer
Marios Eracleous 701,500
Carmelo Salafia 645,000
Keimo Suominen 595,500
Ann-Roos Callens 585,000
Giuseppe Comitini 520,500
Elhanan Torgeman 481,000
Kyriakos Papadopoulos 473,000
Roberto Pinna 460,500
Eden Azulay 442,000
Jeremy Sereau 436,000
Cristiano Blanco 434,000
Henrik Loefvander 410,000
Dan Olin 395,000
Angelo Tarallo 388,500
Eugene Ulanov 371,500
Vincenzo Maffei 363,000
Francesco Cuoccio 354,500
Giuseppe Carbone 350,000
Eirik Nilsen 344,500
Jonathan Pastore 334,000
Michael Koran 328,500
Charlo Azzopardi 311,500
Cory Desmond 300,500
Marco D'amico 300,000
Miroslav Gochev 294,500
Daniel Alacantra 293,000
Itaco Voto 292,500
Paolo Pinazzo 289,500
Candido Cappiello 286,000
Ofek Benhamo 263,000
Dijk Van 261,000
Angelo Trombetta 252,000
Benjamin Hammann 244,000
Uri Netanel 243,000
Luigi Corsetti 221,500
Phiniotis Chrysi 221,000
Francesco Mosera 217,000
Dario Vinci 205,000
Stefano Stefanacci 197,000
Jarno Jokiniemi 196,000
Stewart Kirby 194,500
Steven Game 189,500
Giorgio Accardi 189,000
Liad Himelfarb 189,000
Jason Shellum 183,500
Angelo Patane' 181,000
Mario Fontana 177,500
Sarah Herzali 170,000
Alessandro Pichierri 167,500
Robert Rasmussen 167,500
Ant Gokcek 167,500
Daniel Samson 167,500
Kristaps Zarans 167,000
Christos Hadjisoteriou 165,500
Benjamin Fougerouze 164,000
Salvatore Capra 158,000
Giovanni Palma 157,000
Salvatore Cali 157,000
Martynas Miliauskas 155,000
Alon Zohar 155,000
Giovanni Papadia 150,000
Luigi Galati 147,500
Lars Larsson 145,000
Gennaro De Ilario 141,000
Lawrence Stone 141,000
Besmir Hodaj 140,500
Drago Calogero 138,500
Daniel Gohrig 136,000
Cognata La Francesco 136,000
Carlo Di Giacomo 135,000
Gesualdo Scalzo 132,000
Emilio Forno 131,000
Alessandra Cuntro 129,000
Valter Marchi 127,500
Giovanni Catafamo 127,000
Giuseppe Liotta 125,000
Valerio Mascolo 124,000
Phenporn Laatikainen 122,500
Angelo Morrone 122,000
Kfir Burshtein 122,000
Alessio Cirino 118,500
Bona Di Angelo 118,000
Constantinos Miaris 116,500
Levente Szabo 116,500
Phiniotis Georgios 114,000
Tom Laghzaoui 110,500
Michael Funk 110,000
Giorgio Cumino 106,500
Torrisi Illuminato 106,000
Jakob Simonsen 106,000
Fabio Assennato 105,500
Giuseppe Rosa 105,000
Peep Kivistik 102,000
Michael London 102,000
Petros Theodosiou 101,000
Matteo Giovagnoni 98,500
Paolo Desimone 97,000
Paolo Panzarella 97,000
Andres Loiv 95,000
Hugo Sanchez 94,000
Roberto Rufini 91,000
Mario Panarello 90,000
Wester Ebbinghaus 88,000
Erik Lindqwist 87,000
Mor Leybovich 86,500
Marek Janiszewski 86,500
Alessandro Cannizzaro 85,000
Antonio Russo 83,500
Joacim Blom 83,000
Asaf Tal 81,000
Joonas Holm 79,500
Karl Birgersson 73,000
Dehlia De Jong 67,500
Charif Akhoun 67,500
Keren Chen 66,500
Salvatore Anastasio 63,000
Giovanni Grella 62,000
Ulrich Nicolaisen 62,000
Karol Szyszko 61,000
Davy Huyst 57,500
Giuseppe Gallo 54,000
Bjorn Vuilliomenet 51,000
Alexandru Boboc 46,000
Israel Cohen 46,000
Tommy Lievens 43,500
Nicola De Santis 43,500
Andrea Liuzzo 42,000
Gabriella Carollo 41,500
Dalila Basile 40,500
Mark Vella 39,000
Teemu Leppalahti 34,500
Blasio De 33,000
Emmi Juutilainen 30,000
Luca Capostagno 26,500
Gianluca Berti 26,000
Ruurd Nauta 25,500
Daniele Melfi 25,000
Mariano Cafagna 22,500
Martin Klaar 18,500
Dario Comitini 15,000
End of the Day 1C Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 02:39(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

The bubble was really short today, actually there was no bubble, two last players busted in the same hand. 

3-way all in between Marco Bartolini , Napoletano Aniello and Francesco Cuoccio saw a board that did not help Bartolini and Aniello, who both can be named as Day 1C bubble boys.

Three To Go Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 02:05(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

We have played down to 143 players. That means that still three players must bust, before we are done for the day.

Kordek Could Not Dodge Bullet Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 01:50(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Grzegorz Kordek and Eracleous Marios went all in preflop.

The board was finally on side of Marios, who after this hand is our chipleader.

Player Chips Progress
Marios Eracleous 730,000 180,000
Grzegorz Kordek 0 0
Biggest Stacks Right Now Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 01:41(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Here are the biggest stacks after level 15.

Player Chips Progress
Blanco Cristiano 470,000 445,000
Angelo Tarallo 450,000 425,000
Eden Azulay 430,000 405,000
Keimo Suominen 410,000 385,000
Vincenzo Maffei 380,000 355,000
Marios Eracleous 550,000 275,000
Ant Gokcek 310,000 260,000
Dan Olin 250,000 195,000
Roberto Pinna 440,000 185,000
Giuseppe Carbone 290,000 180,000
Liad Himelfarb 280,000 130,000
Daniel Fernandez Alcantara 350,000 50,000
Player are on a Break Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 01:23(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

We just finished level 15, and now players have a 15 minutes break. After the break they come back and then we play until we reach the bubble.

Big Slick Does Not Always Win Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 01:01(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Francisco Martorina  and Liad Himelfarb  went all-in preflop. The board

gave Himelfarb bigger two pairs, and Martorina moved to the rail.

Player Chips Progress
Liad Himelfarb 150,000 125,000
Francisco Martorina 0 0
Kings Collect Huge Pot Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 00:43(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

At table 6 we saw huge 3-way all in, when Daniel Fernandez Alcantara with Ramirez Blanco with and Derek Bastow with saw the board run and Alcantara held his lead all the way.

Blanco busted  and Bastow was left with 2000, which he lost just couple of minutes later.

Player Chips Progress
Daniel Fernandez Alcantara 400,000 375,000
Derek Bastow 0 0
Ramirez Blanco 0 0
With King Queen You Have to Hit Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 00:12(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Davide Brancale moved all in with and Emmi Juutilainen did not hesitate to call from the big blind with the board did not help Davide so we are one bust out closer to the bubble.

Player Chips Progress
Emmi Juutilainen 110,000 85,000
Davide Brancale 0 0
No Ace in the River Posted Sunday 24th April, 2022 at 00:01(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Pawel Wakuluk with and Ofed Benhamo with went all in before the flop. The board did not help Pawel, so he also has to decide if he wants to play tomorrow on day 1E.

Start of Level 14
Blinds: 1,500/3,000     Ante: 3,000
Alacantara Doubles Through Simonsen Set Over Set Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 23:59(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Daniel Fernandez Alacantara opened for 9,000 from under the gun. The player on the button tanked for two minutes before letting go of his hand but Jakob Simonsen snap-called from the big blind after the player from the small blind folded.

Both players checked the flop before things got interesting on the turtn. Simonsen bet 10,000 and Alacantara snap-raised to 25,000. Just as quickly, Simonsen jammed for approximately 85,000 and Alacantara snap-called.

Daniel Fernandez Alacantara:

Jakob Simonsen:

It was a massive cooler for Simonsen who despite flopping a set was drawing to just one out on the river as Alacantara held a bigger set. The blank completed the board on the river and Alacantara doubled through Simonsen.

Player Chips Progress
Daniel Fernandez Alacantara 175,000 150,000
Jakob Simonsen 60,000 35,000
Kings send Yemini to the rail Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 23:58(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Nevoh Yemini with and Vincenzo Maffei with went all in before the flop. Board did not help Yemini, and he also has to plan about attending day 1E tomorrow.

Start of Level 13
Blinds: 1,000/2,500     Ante: 2,500
Biggest stacks Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 23:20(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Here are the biggest stacks after level 12.

Player Chips Progress
Marc Temine 290,000 265,000
Eirik Nielsen 285,000 260,000
Dario Mancuso 265,000 240,000
Roberto Pinna 255,000 230,000
Sarah Herzali 220,000 195,000
Elia Salerno 200,000 175,000
Davy Huyst 190,000 165,000
Marios Eracleous 275,000 130,000
Chrysi Phiniotis 200,000 55,000
Daniel Samson 215,000 50,000
Break Time! Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 22:55(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Day 1d is on its fourth break of the day.

Coinflips are Difficult to Master Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 22:47(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Davide Spalletta moved his last chips in with and Tayfun Rodoplu called with

The board did not help Davide who went to the rail, maybe thinking about playing tomorrow at Day 1E.

Player Chips Progress
Tayfun Rodoplu 140,000 115,000
Davide Spalletta 0 0
Battle of the Short Stacks Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 22:45(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Giovanni Tomasello jammed the button with his short stack from the button. Pawel Wakuluk folded from the small blind before Georgios-Angelos Tavoularis called off an even shorter stack from the big blind and the cards were exposed.

Georgios-Angelos Tavoularis:

Giovanni Tomasello:

Tomasello celebrated after his hand held up to eliminate Tavoularis on the board.

Player Chips Progress
Giovanni Tomasello 60,000 35,000
Pawel Wakuluk 55,000 30,000
Georgios-Angelos Tavoularis 0 0
The Prize Pool has Reached One Million Euros Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 22:15(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Telly Bartolo and Patrisha Rimfire inform players that the Battle of Malta prize pool has reached €1 million benchmark. 

Start of Level 12
Blinds: 1,000/2,000     Ante: 2,000
Drakenberg Doubles Through Phiniotis Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 22:10(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Erik Drakenberg jammed for about 20,000 from middle position and was called by Chrysi Phiniotis from the button.

Erik Drakenberg:

Chrysi Phiniotis:

Drakenberg connected with his king on the flop and never looked back with the turn and river completing the board to double his stack.

Player Chips Progress
Erik Drakenberg 45,000 20,000
Chrysi Phiniotis 145,000 20,000
Kirby Picks Off De Palma's Bluff Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 21:57(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Stewart Kirby went into the tank for several minutes after Christian De Palma jammed the river with about 40,000 in the pot on the double paired board.

Kirby eventually called off his stack of 40,000 and De Palma turned over . Kirby was a lot stronger and won the pot with a full house after showing .

Player Chips Progress
Stewart Kirby 120,000 95,000
Christian De Palma 60,000 35,000
Late Registration Closed - 141 Players Advance Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 21:53(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

The Day 1c field is closed for late registration. A total of 936 entries got into the action with 15 percent or 141 players advancing to Day 2 with at least a min-cash secured.

Start of Level 11
Blinds: 800/1,600     Ante: 1,600
River Bluff Works, or not Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 21:44(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

We reached the action in the river when the board was Teemu Leppalahti fired 10500, Simone Magnianella decided to raise to 28500, Teemu hesitated a bit but made a call. Simone showed Ace high.

Teemu looked happy when he turned over and scooped a nice pot.

Player Chips Progress
Teemu Leppalahti 140,000 115,000
Simone Magnianella 70,000 45,000
Quads send Nitti to the Rail Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 21:22(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Saverio Nitti with and Mario Fenaroli with went all in preflop. The board 

did not show any mercy to Saverio, Mario's quad sent his countryman to the rail.

Player Chips Progress
Mario Fenaroli 125,000 100,000
Saverio Nitti 0 0
Boboc Doubles Through Borcan Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 21:16(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Alexandru Boboc opened for 3,500 from under the gun. Alexandru-Nicolae Borcan called from one seat over to see the flop.

Boboc bet 7,500 and called off his stack of 15,500 after Borcan jammed.

Alexandru Boboc:

Alexandru-Nicolae Borcan:

Boboc's two pair held after the turn and river completed the board.

"Nice hand," Borcan said in a congratulatory tone.

Player Chips Progress
Alexandru Boboc 42,000 17,000
Alexandru-Nicolae Borcan 30,000 5,000
Dinner was Good Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 21:01(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Players have come back from their dinner break. After a good dinner it is possible to play seven to eight more levels without getting too exhausted, we hope.

Start of Level 10
Blinds: 600/1,200     Ante: 1,000
Various Updated Chip Counts at Dinner Break Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 20:26(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer
Player Chips Progress
Michele D Oria 250,000 225,000
Marcus Pisani 185,000 160,000
Daniel Samson 165,000 140,000
Alessandro Pichierri 165,000 140,000
Phiniotis Chrysi 165,000 140,000
Alexis Lucarini 160,000 135,000
Alessandro Smittarello 150,000 125,000
Luigi Corsetti 125,000 100,000
Miroslav Gochev 200,000 10,000
Dinner Break Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 19:55(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Players are on a 75-minute dinner break.

Double up for Janiszewski Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 19:43(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Marek Janiszewski moved all in with , Teeranan Chuennirun called with

The board ran to Janiszewski's favor and he doubled up.

Player Chips Progress
Teeranan Chuennirun 70,000 45,000
Marek Janiszewski 24,000 1,000
Bergland did not Succeed Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 19:24(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Two players moved all in when the flop was Dan Olin had and Trond went for a  straight with his

and did not help Bergland and Olin doubled up.

Player Chips Progress
Dan Olin 55,000 30,000
Trond Bergland 20,000 5,000
Two Pair for Da Palma Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 19:14(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Christian Da Palma got his stack of a bit more than 10 big blinds in against one opponent on the flop.

Christian Da Palma:


Da Palma was miles ahead and had his opponent drawing dead after the came on the turn. The river completed the board and Da Palma earned himself a double-up.

Player Chips Progress
Christian Da Palma 25,000 0
Who has got a Full House? Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 19:09(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Two Italian players were heads up at the river.

Board was Francesco Cuoccio checked, Alessio Cirino fired 8000 to the pot. Francesco took his time, and decided to checkraise to 20000. Alessio called instantly. Francesco showed trips, but Alessio showed for a full house and scooped a nice pot.

Player Chips Progress
Alessio Cirino 120,000 95,000
Francesco Cuoccio 35,000 10,000
Start of Level 9
Blinds: 500/1,000     Ante: 1,000
Some Help for Tavoularis Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 18:42(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Georgios-Angelos Tavoularis went all in with and Davide Tamburrini called with

Board ran to Georgios-Angelos favour and he doubled up.

Player Chips Progress
Davide Tamburrini 40,000 15,000
Georgios-Angelos Tavoularis 22,000 3,000
"Did You Have a Flush?" Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 18:40(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

It was a bloated pot of more than 25,000 when both Leandro Cataldo and Maurizio Fisicaro checked the flop and again on the turn.

Cataldo jammed for 11,300 after the river paired the board. Fisicaro went into the tank before he folded.

"Did you have a flush?" Fisicaro asked in Italian, which caused the entire table to laugh due to the double-paired board.

Special thanks to Sascha Manns for the Italian to English translation, who is also off to a decent enough start with 50,000 in chips.

Player Chips Progress
Sascha Manns 50,000 25,000
Maurizio Fisicaro 40,000 15,000
Leandro Cataldo 90,000 10,000
River Brought Trouble; Does Luke Have it? Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 18:40(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

At the river the board was . Dorian Hem decided to bet 2,600, Luke Anderson was sitting next to Dorian and raised to 21,000. Dorian thought for a while and decided to fold, wondering if Luke really made a flush, or was he bluffing.

Player Chips Progress
Luke Anderson 65,000 40,000
Dorian Hem 32,000 7,000
Start of Level 8
Blinds: 400/800     Ante: 800
Gokcek Wins a Flip Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 18:17(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Ant Gokcek hasn't had much luck as he has fired a bullet each on both Day 1a and Day 1b. Perhaps the third time is a charm as he just eliminated Giovanni Trimarchi with sevens against ace-king. 

Trimarchi still has plenty of time to re-enter on Day 1c today or if he so chooses can also try again in the Turbo Day 1d starting in less than two hours.

Player Chips Progress
Ant Gokcek 50,000 25,000
Giovanni Trimarchi 0 0
Small Momentum Change for Schuurbiers After the Break Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 18:11(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Belgium's Wouter Schuurbiers is a well-known mixed-game player living in Malta. Thus far he hasn't been able to get much going on Day 1c but maybe that is about to change after picking off a bluff to win a small pot.

Schuurbiers gave us the recap before he was headed to a new table. The small blind limped and Schuurbiers checked his option from the big blind. The player in the small blind bet 600 on the flop and Schuurbiers called. Both players checked the turn before Schuuribers' opponent fired out for 2,100 on the river.

Schuurbiers called and his opponent turned over for air. Schuurbiers showed for a pair of fives to win the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Wouter Schuurbiers 19,000 6,000
Jacks No Good for Pacicca Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 17:59(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Carmine Salvioli opened for 1,500 from the hijack. Fernando Pacicca three-bet from the button and Salvioli called.

Both players checked the flop before Salvioli bet 8,000 on the turn. Pacicca called and the river completed the board. Salvioli effectively jammed and Pacicca called off for about 10,000.

Pacicca turned over but this didn't get the job done with Salvioli showing for a flopped two pair.

Player Chips Progress
Carmine Salvioli 65,000 40,000
Fernando Pacicca 0 0
Start of Level 7
Blinds: 300/600     Ante: 600
Biggest Stacks During the Break Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 17:51(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Here is a look at some of the bigger stacks at the break.

Player Chips Progress
Miroslav Gochev 190,000 165,000
Game Steven John 155,000 130,000
Marios Eracleous 145,000 120,000
Angelo Trombetta 125,000 100,000
Giuseppe Carbone 110,000 85,000
Gaspare Nastasi 105,000 80,000
Leandro Cataldo 100,000 75,000
Cristian Mihu 100,000 75,000
Giorgio Accardi 95,000 70,000
Second Break Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 17:22(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Day 1c is on its second short break.

More Faces Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 17:16(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Lawrence Stone

Phenporn Laatikainen

Sabato Tortorella

Tony Bedford

Biagio Barretta

Ace on the River Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 16:45(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Heads up with two Italian players, Valerie Mascolo and Maurizio Giuseppucci.

At river board was Valerie bet 2200, Maurizio decided to call. Valerie showed and Maurizio folded quickly.

Player Chips Progress
Valerie Mascolo 55,000 30,000
Maurizio Giuseppucci 30,000 5,000
Start of Level 6
Blinds: 200/500     Ante: 500
Cowboys No Good for Berlinerblau Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 16:44(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Two players checked before Tom Berlinerblau jammed 6,800 into a pot of a bit more on the flop. Cristiano Blanco went into the tank for more than a minute before he called. Erik Andersson three-bet most of his stack to 27,000 and Blanco was back in the tank for more than a minute again before he folded.

Tom Berlinerblau:

Erik Andersson:

Berlinerblau was ahead before the flop but was very behind when the rest of his chips went in. Neither the turn nor the river provided a save and Berlinerblau left the table with an empty stack.

Player Chips Progress
Erik Andersson 60,000 35,000
Tom Berlinerblau 0 0
Hoshen Doubles with Big Slick Through Alba Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 16:30(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Ilay Hoshen four-bet jammed for 10,900 and was called by Antonio Alba.

Ilay Hoshen:

Antonio Alba:

Hoshen was ahead and improved to top pair on the flop. Alba was unable to hit his Broadway gutshot draw or otherwise get ahead of Hoshen after the turn and river completed the board.

Player Chips Progress
Ilay Hoshen 22,800 2,200
Antonio Alba 18,000 7,000
And More Faces Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 16:28(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Chris da Silva

Fabio Assennato

Keimo Suominen

Matias Alanko

William Jarman

"It Wasn't Like This" Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 16:20(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

It wasn't the biggest pot in the world with just 6,000 or so in the pot with the on the board when Vladimir Shraiberg tossed out a few chips for what he wanted to be a bet of 2,400.

The dealer felt that it was a string bet and initially ruled the bet was 1,400 before calling over the floor. Shraiberg told the floorman that it was with one flick but the chips landed at different times but after chatting with the dealer ruled that it was a string bet and the bet was declared to be 1,400.

"It wasn't like this," said Shraiberg before Nicola De Felice called.

The river completed the board. This time, Shraiberg was very clear about his bet size and announced a bet of 6,100 before stringing them into the pot. De Felice paused for 10-20 seconds before he laid down his hand.

Player Chips Progress
Vladimir Shraiberg 50,000 25,000
Nicola De Felice 11,100 13,900
Some Faces from LPPL Event Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 16:05(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Everybody seems to have fun in LPPL event.

Soile Lerviks

Claire Burt

Tom Brady and Mark Valentine

Joseph Gaynard and Stuart Bell

Start of Level 5
Blinds: 200/400     Ante: 400
800 Entries! Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 15:59(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Day 1c has already attracted 800 entries and counting. Already, more than 100 players found their way to the rail with just 687 players remaining.

Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 15:54(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Let’s Play Poker Live is an organization dedicated to giving members the chance to win their way to live poker events around the world via regional live events in the UK as well as via an online league. 

Now players at Battle of Malta will be getting a taste of the Let’s Play Poker Live experience with a LPPL-branded side event. The €100 + €20 tournament kicked off at 3pm on Saturday, April 23 with all players getting a 20,000 starting stack. The tournament will feature 20-minute blind levels. 

Matthew Summers, LPPL’s Marketing & Events Manager, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Battle of Malta for our first branded side event during this amazing festival. Battle of Malta is a perfect environment for our players – it’s geared towards recreational poker and the emphasis is on having a really good time as well as having the chance to win big prizes."

Messina Breathes a Sigh of Relief Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 15:54(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Idan Levy checked on the river with the on the board before Vincenzo Messina jammed for about 15,000.

Levy, who has had a hot start with about 70,000 in his stack, went into the tank for a few minutes before he opted to fold.

Messina breathed what appeared to be a huge sigh of relief and was slightly above a starting stack after the hand.

Player Chips Progress
Idan Levy 70,000 45,000
Vicenzo Messina 26,000 1,000
Start of Level 4
Blinds: 100/300     Ante: 300
More Ladies Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 15:12(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Great to see so many Ladies playing here at Battle of Malta. You can not say the same in some other European poker events.

Teeranan Chuennirun

Brittany Law

Cheryl Simmons

Chrysi Phiniotis

Kerryjane Craigie

Francesca Marolo

First Break Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 15:08(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Day 1c is on its first 15-minute break.

Today's Grand Opening Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 15:03(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Patrisha Rimfire and Telly Bartolo on the stage:

Trips Improve to a Flush for Di Natale Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 14:59(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Mario Di Natale bet 3,600 into a pot of 7,000 with the . Hizem Khaled went into the tank for a couple of minutes before he made the call.

Di Natale first flashed the for the flush before also showing the about five seconds later showing that he flopped trips. The king-high flush was good enough to take down the hand after Khaled mucked his hand.

Player Chips Progress
Mario Di Natale 35,000 10,000
Hizem Khaled 13,000 12,000
Start of Level 3
Blinds: 100/200     Ante: 200
"Do You Have a Straight?" Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 14:40(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Massimo Carulli bet 3,800 into a pot of about 5,000 with the on the board and was called by Alexandru Boboc.

Carulli turned over and Boboc asked a question before tabling his cards.

"Do you have a straight?" Boboc asked.

The cards were over the line but not yet in the muck when a small controversy at the table broke out with Carulli wanting Boboc's hand to be declared dead.

The floor was called over and after a couple of minutes of discussion, it was ruled that Boboc's hand was correctly ruled as live and he turned over for the top pair to win the hand.

Player Chips Progress
Alexandru Boboc 25,000 0
Massimo Carulli 25,000 0
Bogusz Chips Up Miraglia Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 14:09(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Karol Bogusz bet 3,000 into a pot of around 5,000 with the board. Fabio Miraglia went into the tank for about two minutes before he found a call.

Bogusz missed his draws with but did have bottom pair. Miraglia turned over for top pair to win the hand.

Player Chips Progress
Fabio Miraglia 30,000 5,000
Karol Bogusz 20,000 5,000
More Ladies Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 14:03(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

It is always nice to see some many female players in the tournament.

Emmi Juutilainen

Jacqueline "Poker Mama" Cachia

Ann-Roos Callens

Celine Zimmermann

Alessia Coco

Start of Level 2
Blinds: 100/100     Ante: 100
550 Entries Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 13:40(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

There are already more than 100 new entries as the field has grown to 550 entries. There are already three players that found their way to the rail leaving just 547 entries in the field.

It wouldn't be shocking if the field surpasses 1,000 entries just in Day 1c alone.

Ladies First Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 13:37(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

We are really sorry that could not cover Ladies Event yesterday. Here are some of Ladies at Day 1C.

Britt Petersen

Anna del Prete

Freya Ebbinghaus-Wester

Dehlia de Jong

Cards in the Air Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 13:12(UTC+2) by Jason Glatzer

Cards are in the air for Day 1c after a brilliant introduction. Here is a look at the handful of the 432 entries in the field.

Player Chips Progress
Kevin Houghton 25,000 0
Markus Larsson 25,000 0
Tony Bedford 25,000 0
Jackie Cachia 25,000 0
Shaun Decesare 25,000 0
Ant Gokcek 25,000 0
Dehlia De Jong 25,000 0
Paul Fisher 25,000 0
Massive Field Expected for Day 1c Posted Saturday 23rd April, 2022 at 12:40(UTC+2) by Juhani Tyriseva

Good morning!

The casino is waiting for a huge attendance today. Usually, Saturdays boast the biggest opening flights at the Battle of Malta, and the same is expected today.

Day 1A collected 324 buy-ins, and Day 1B gathered 684 entries to the tables. We already went over the guaranteed prize pool, €500,000. And when there is 3 more starting days it is easy to evaluate that the prize pool can go over million euros. Might be difficult to reach the earlier Battle of Malta live event prize pool record which is €2,258,645. That 2019 event was won by Serghei Lisii, who collected €247,167.

Similar to the first two opening flights, Day 1c will feature 40-minute blind levels with players starting with a stack of 25,000 in chips. Players will be able to re-enter until their hearts are content until the late-registraiton is closed after Level 10. The action will go on a 15-minute break after every three blind levels with a 75-minute dinner break planned at the end of Level 9.

The Live Blogging Team will provide updates, photos, and more throughout the entire day. Stay tuned!

Day 1C of Battle of Malta 2022 Started
Level: 1     Blinds: 100/100     Ante: 0
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